Choose the best moisturiser for your skin in three easy steps!

Choose the best moisturiser for your skin in three easy steps!

You cannot skip your moisturiser, regardless of the other products you decide to use or leave out of your skincare regime. It has been a staple in skincare routines for generations and is still in use today. It maintains your skin's barrier properties while restoring the flexibility and suppleness of the outermost surface.

Therefore, once you discover the ideal moisturiser for you, hold onto it tightly. And if you're unsure of how to find one that's appropriate for you and your skin type, Tural Naturalis Face Moisturizers by Evaana Wellness are your ideal escape! Infused with the goodness of natural marine ingredients.

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What qualities should I consider when choosing a moisturiser?

The ingredients and the type of your skin are the two most crucial factors to consider when selecting a moisturiser. Remember that you are seeking a product whose compounds will benefit your skin rather than just cover it up. The Tural Naturalis Face Moisturisers are custom formulated for your specific skin type- namely Normal to dry Skin type & Oily to Acne prone skin type. You are provided with the best ingredients, which are described below, with two different variants.

Tural – I Sea You Moisturiser (Normal Skin)

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SEAWEED EXTRACT - Helps in skin cell reproduction and offers skin cells great hydration and nourishment.

FLAX SEED EXTRACT - Contains essential fatty acids that help to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.

VITAMIN E -Effective moisturizing agent that improves smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

JOJOBA OIL -Moisturizes and heals skin while penetrating the skin to achieve radiant skin without clogging pores.

AVOCADO OIL -Prevents skin damage from UV radiation while battling dryness and dullness.

MANGO, COCOA, SHEA BUTTER - Prevents damage from pollutants and UV rays while promoting soft, smooth skin.

MORINGA OIL- Enhances skin's visual appeal and gives it a healthy glow.

SODIUM HYALURONATE- Rehydrates the skin with the necessary moisture. Gives the skin a plumped appearance and a non-greasy radiance.

Tural Glow Sea Moisturiser (Oily Skin)

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PHYCOSACCHARIDE ACP (A Marine sugar polymer with zinc) - At puberty, sebaceous glands secrete enormous amounts of sebum, and because excessive sebum creation causes oily skin, it aids in regulating sebum production, skin healing, and bacterial inhibition.

NIACINAMIDE- Brightens skin and helps retain moisture to hydrate the skin.

EUROL BT (Multifunctional ingredient derived from olive plant leaves) - Skin elasticizing and moisturizing characteristics. Anti-microbial and non-irritating.

AKO MARINE PCA COMPLEX – (Extract from sea algae with enzymes and trace elements)Highly remineralizing and nourishing., sebum regulator, and bio-based component.

ALOEVERA EXTRACT -Calms the skin and locks in moisture.

CHAMOMILE EXTRACT-Chamomile's potent antioxidants aid to renew skin, tightening pores, and enhance natural radiance.

SEAWEED EXTRACT - Intensively hydrates and feeds skin cells.

How can I find out what my skin type is considering how crucial it is?

Consider how your skin feels and appears at the conclusion of a typical workday to help determine your skin type. Has it got any sheen to it? Is it a greasy feeling? Are you getting breakouts, zits? If so, your skin type is probably oily. Does your skin feel normal elsewhere but oily in the t-zone (the region around your forehead, nose, and chin)? Then your skin type is probably a combination. On the contrary, it's possible that your skin feels dry or tight.You most certainly have dry skin in this situation. Knowing your skin will help you select the best suited Tural Naturalis Moisturizer appropriately.

What is the ideal method for applying moisturiser?

A dime-sized amount of Tural Naturalis Moisturizer is typically all that is required; more frequently, less is needed. Apply it with gentle, upward circular motions once you've placed some to your palm.When applying skincare products, you should always massage or lift the skin upward instead of downward. The product should be gently pushed into the skin when you apply it to make sure it is absorbed.

The secret to glowing, healthy skin is adequate hydration. Well-moisturized skin will always glow with a youthful brightness. And a guaranteed way to do that is to use the Tural Naturalis Moisturizer each day!

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