The Complete Guide to a Teen's Flawless Skin Care Routine

The Complete Guide to a Teen's Flawless Skin Care Routine

Developing a successful premium skin care regimen for teen skin may be very challenging. Teenagers frequently struggle to keep up with daily face cleaning or skin hygiene routine, which unluckily causes frequent breakouts, excess sebum production and other skin problems that degrade their appearance. As a result, Evaana Wellness made a strong first impression by launching India’s first exclusive Marine infused skin range of products that would assist individuals in achieving clear, healthy skin and falling in love with self-care.

The meaning of the term Tural, which is derived from the word NATURAL, is "to be alive." A variety of marine ingredients are included in the skin care products made by this teen-friendly brand. Since we aim to help and motivate teens / adolescents to establish a routine early on to avoid major skin conditions, our products are an amalgamation of the following.

  • Custom formulations
  • &Vegan.
  • Mom-approved.
  • Dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin. 
  • Kid-safe. 
  • Peta-approved.

Keeping all this in mind, we offer a step-by-step skincare regimen for all skin types as follows:


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Deep cleansing with a face cleanser is one of the most important steps in treating teenage skin as research indicates that it will help reduce acne outbreaks, dullness, dryness, and whatever is next on the list. We developed our two variations, Tural Naturalis - Wash Away Cleanser and Tural Naturalis - Mudd Off Cleanser, in response to the needs of a budding teenager's skin. While Wash Away Cleanser is filled with Seaweed, Orange, Lemon and Blueberry extract that hydrates the skin during cleansing and is suitable for dry to normal skin type, Mudd Off Cleanser is grouped with Sea Mud, Olive Leaf, Orange, Lemon and Blueberry extract that leaves behind fresh and clear skin with oil balancing benefits is best suited for oily to acne prone skin types.


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Toners work best for deep-cleaning pores and getting rid of debris, oil, makeup, and other pollutants and helps in tightening pores leaving you refreshed. Toner is the go-to recommendation for teenagers with oily skin who wish to avoid breakouts and shine simultaneously. Your skin will feel lighter, more revived, and prepared for the next stage after using a toner. The sea mineral water in the VIT-Sea Toner, which is suitable for all skin types, gives your skin a radiant, flawless, and glass-like appearance. This toner is a must-have in your self-care cabinet thanks to its potent combination of moisturizing cactus extract and relatively effective witch hazel.

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Moisturizers are crucial since they safeguard the moisture barrier while balancing your sebum production. Giving the skin additional nutrients, it properly nourishes and hydrates the skin. It increases the defense against outside stresses and manages breakouts that repeat frequently. Tural Naturalis - I Sea You Moisturizer for normal skin & Glow Sea Moisturizer for oily to acne prone skin is therefore your ideal partner if you adore having smooth, radiant skin. The skin's barrier is repaired by these quick absorbing, non-greasy products, which also leave a lovely finish. As it contains flaxseed extract, cold-pressed moringa oil, and deep-sea seaweed, it is excellent for skin care. Furthermore, the calming properties of chamomile work in harmony with hydrolyzed algin, and olive leaf extract, resulting in beautifully radiant skin.

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Tural Naturalis cleansers, toners, and moisturizers are the ideal trio of teen needs! This line of products is safe, clean, and dermatologically tested for skin sensitive skin will not only solve any skin-related issues but also inspire you to start a skincare routine for the best glow and confidence going forward!

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