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Best Moisturizer For Dry and Acne Prone Skin

What does moisturiser mean?

A moisturiser for kids and yourself is a must for all skin types, whether you have dry or oily skin. A moisturiser keeps the skin moisturized and acts as a skin barrier against rashes and pimples. They can be found in a variety of forms, including moisturizing lotions and gel creams. You need a face moisturiser as part of your daily skincare routine to keep your smooth and supple skin from being damaged by harsh elements like UV radiation, dust, and pollutants. In such a case, you can trust the extensive selection of fragrance-free teens moisturisers at Evaana Wellness by Tural Naturalis for your skin. Under one roof, find the Best Moisturizer for Dry & Normal Skin & Best Moisturiser for Oily Skin. We are India’s first Marine skin care for teens & pre-teen.

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Nothing compares to the warmth and coziness you can experience when you stroke a soft face. To make sure that every ingredient in the composition is secure and friendly, you need a moisturiser that goes above and beyond without feeling heavy. The wide selection of moisturisers offered by Tural Naturalis (Moisturiser For Normal Skin to Moisturiser For Acne Prone Skin) will help you in this situation. By securing skin moisture, they promote skin hydration and have barrier repairing properties alongside reducing excess oil, with the most incredible all-natural substances.

Seaweed Extract - Seaweed Extract calms and lessens irritation while being loaded with all the vitamins and minerals that your skin loves. Seaweed defends against irritation by maintaining and restoring the natural balance of your skin since its cells are practically identical to skin cells.

Flaxseed Extract - Flax seeds can work miracles on your skin's tone. Its antioxidants and high omega-3 fatty acid content help diminish scars, giving your skin a smoother, more radiant appearance.

Cold-pressed Moringa - Cold-Pressed Oil In addition to acting as an anti-pollution barrier and controlling oily skin, moringa oil hydrates, prevents and heals dry skin diseases. It is a key component in moisturisers for dry skin.

Mango Seed Butter - Since mango butter is non-greasy, non-comedogenic, and ultralight, oily skin types no longer have to worry about clogged pores. In addition to nourishing skin that is prone to acne, it can also help prevent outbreaks by telling the skin to stop more oil production.

Other additives, such as chamomile, olive leaf extract, blueberry fruit extract, orange fruit extract, and lemon fruit extract, are excellent choices for making your skin feeling hydrated, enhancing its glow, and treating acne.

As a result of all of this, Tural Naturalis moisturisers are completely safe for sensitive skin in both adults and children because they are devoid of toxic chemicals. So without further ado, buy something that suits your skin type today!

Our ingredients are carefully curated and ethically sourced and are dermatologically certified for sensitive skin. They also help in as a preventive format to excess sebum production and are anti-bacterial.

How to apply moisturiser?

Tural Naturalis moisturisers from Evaana Wellness are incredibly easy to use. Simply squeeze out the necessary quantity of moisturiser onto your hands. They carefully spread it in a rotational movement all over the face. After a good massage, you're done. The best moisturiser for all skin types in India is available online at amazing prices. Today, you can browse the website starting with the Moisturiser for Normal Skin and ending with the Moisturiser for Acne Prone Skin!