• Rohini Sarkar

    I finally found the right toner for my skin.. the marine serum toner when applied is like a party to my skin. One spray and its like a splash of freshness and gradually the skin starts radiating in a couple of day

    Media professional 
  • Dr. Namrata Jadhwani

    For someone with very sensitive skin, I finally found a brand which is clean, doesn’t leave a residue and feels like second skin. Highly recommend.

  • Ethan Manjani

    The perfect cleansing toning moisturising post active sports and healthy workout!
    Their moisturiser really makes my skin glow and keeps it healthy Au Natural

    Model | student 
  • Prachi Malhotra

    They have amazing range of Lip Glosses and Lip Balms , very smooth in application and light weighted . One of my personal favourite is Pink Lip Gloss , this keeps my lips nourished, shimmery, and pouty . It also has a very pleasant smell . Ever since i bought , i have been wearing almost everyday , this lip gloss does double duty by adding a dose of moisture and shine to my lips plus its suitable to all skin tones . Highly Recommend .

    Real estate professional 
  • Juilee Ghadigaonkar

    Tural moisturizer has really impressed me with it's hydration levels. Provides long lasting moisture with great finish to your skin with a glow that too without being oily. As it feels weightless on the skin, my acnes have reduced and I am witnessing less breakouts since have started using it. Just love it!